Das erste NAS welches in ein eine Bierdose passt!


Is it possible to use this system on another ubuntu hardware?
-Yes, but maybe FreeNas is a better option then.

How to delete snapshots:


How to delete all snapshots:


Checking system health:



(By funky Hardware)

The NasBeery installer supports a 5V device on pin 8 (BCM 14) and pin6 (ground).

What we tested so far:

Buzzer LED and Wires

Just connect the actor to the pins beyond (LED short link to ground).
While booting up the system you will hear a loud sound or see the LED light.
After less than a minute the actor should stop buzzing or the LED turned dark. Then your „only“ tank is in healthy condition.


Checking the free space:


#zpool list


There should always be more than 20% free space (cap below 80%) or your system will slow down, at 90% you almost can't work anymore until you delete files and destroy snapshots.

Where are the snapshots stored? / Can I put snapshots to another drive?

You are starting without any snapshots.
Anytime you create a snapshot a vectorchain is creating another point.
So your current live state is the chain of many vectors.
The vectors can start anywhere and you always can remove vectorpoints.
The gap then will be closed by the previous vector.



now we zfs destroy the we snapshot


now we zfs destroy the monday snapshot


and the a saturday snapshot will be created


Your current state is always at the end and you can always access any snapshot state without any effort!


Please use our affiliate links on Amazon to support us and get tested items.

Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB, 4GB or 8 GB
(We recommend 1GB RAM for about 1TB of stored data)

Micro SD Card with 32GB and above for Ubuntu OS
(Do not use current Toshiba, system is slowing down a lot)

USB-C Power Adaptor

2 x SSD not of the same kind (less risky if one is failing and easier to replace by name)

Dual USB to SATA Dock

USB to SATA Adaptor

Ethernet Cable Cat.5 and above

For setup and maintenance:

Micro HDMI Cable

USB Keyboard



Start with this recommended setup, so you can update later to a more recent version

Installation Script

Latest script can be downloaded HERE

What it basically does:

Software used


Ubuntu 22.04 LTS 
Download 64-Bit version HERE

Modern 64-Bit server operating system, certified for Raspberry Pi 4


Balena Etcher
Download for your OS HERE

Installs Ubuntu image to your SD card

Open ZFS (included in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)

Delivers redundancy and snapshots to your drive

Cockpit Manager w/ ZFS Manager (obsolete, no more Updates)  (from Github)

Modern Gui with rich ZFS features

Samba (included in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS)

Your Windows (and others) compatible file server

Web Server (included in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS)

Navigate to https://nasbeery:9090 with user ubuntu to configure and maintain your NasBeery System


NasBeery is a light weight NAS (Network Attached Storage) system, based on Raspberry Pi 4 (or newer), easy to install and to fit instructions to a tap, or even theoretically put the system into a soda can.

Feature Set Juli 2020 (Any values can be manually adjusted, just first Setup)