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Start with this recommended setup, so you can update later to a more recent version

  • Copy Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to SD-card with Balena Etcher and put SD-card into your Raspberry Pi4 system.
  • Wire your Raspberry Pi4 system via ethernet to your router, Micro HDMI cable to monitor, keyboard to black USB connector, SSDs with adaptor to blue USB connectors and use your power adaptor to turn on your Raspberry Pi system to first boot.
  • Wait until login prompt appears and a little longer for a lot more output on screen.
  • Log in with username and password „ubuntu“.
  • Repeat old „ubuntu“ password and enter new password twice (be careful, best use only characters and numbers at this point, US keyboard!).
  • The current state of the script is deleting your disks, if you want to keep data, remove your disks on re-installations!
  • Type in your shell:

    wget nasras.de
    bash index.html
  • Press Enter on ZFS licence screen and wait about 20 minutes until reboot.
  • (new) Decide to preserve your data and set password for shell and Samba.
  • Find your NasBeery with share in your network environment.
    Username: ubuntu, password: NasBeery2020 or the one you chose before.
    Username: ubuntu, password is chosen by you during setup.
  • Recover files with explorer.
  • Rollback data if needed with GUI.