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Installation Script

Latest script can be downloaded HERE

What it basically does:

  • Get time and date, because Ubuntu sometimes fails on boot
  • Stop first unattended upgrades
  • Install Samba, ZFS, Cockpit and tools
  • Load ZFS module before reboot
  • Give Ubuntu user a password „NasBeery2020“
  • Get ZFS Manager for Cockpit from Github
  • Install zfs-auto-snapshot and change retention to three months and 48 hours, instead of 12 and 24!
  • Change hostname to NasBeery
  • Create a raid with compression and autoexpand that also creates the first filesystem on /tank
  • Create a filesystem and share at /tank/share
  • Give permission to Ubuntu user to /tank/share
  • Add ZFS snapshots to use with ShadowCopy frontend from Explorer to Samba
  • Reboot the whole thing