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NasBeery is a light weight NAS (Network Attached Storage) System, based on Raspberry Pi 4 and later that is that easy to install to fit Instructions to a Tap and theoretically put the System in a Can

Feature Set Juli 2020 (Any values can be manually adjusted, just first Setup)

  • Very easy installation with just two commands (one is downloading, the other for execution)
  • Three Month of Snapshots 4x per hour, 48x hourly, 7x daily, 4x weekly, 3x monthly
  • Mirror of two Disks
  • Very attractive GUI for setup Shares and ZFS Commands
  • Restore Files directly from „Previous Versions Feature“ in Windows Explorer
  • Clone a specific Snapshot from the last three Month to a Folder to instant review Data
  • Instant Rollback to any of the about 66 Snaphots without delay at any Time
  • Every Software is open Source and included in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and without any Costs
  • Production use is already a Backup, it´s mirrored and versioned
  • Compatible to any OS at the Market like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux, BSD, etc